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Land of the Big Cats – Serengeti

Ninian has just returned from a short safari to a remote Eastern corner of the Serengeti that was closed to the public for the past 20 years. He was one of a handful of select guides invited to help site a new camp (Namiri Plains)  that will open this July and to choose the best […]

Safari Do’s and Don’ts – top tips from Ninian and Lara

  Over the years we have traveled all over Africa always searching for new places to share with our guests. There are a few key DO’s and DON’Ts that can make your safari a really special experience. DO the research and talk with friends and friends of friends who have already been on safari. They […]

Mud, mud, glorious mud Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood So follow me follow, down to the hollow And there let me wallow in glorious mud” When Flanders and Swann wrote this in 1939  they were picturing hippos but I think they would agree that it is just as suited to this happy […]

Rubondo Island Magic!

  We set off in a state of huge excitement from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to see in the New Year at a newly opened camp on Rubondo Island in the south west corner of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. This was a first visit for all of us and we had high expectations with a […]

Sossusvlei and the Namib – part one of our Namibian adventure

Our first night was spent at  The Olive Exclusive  a small boutique hotel in Windhoek.  The hotel is very stylish with great artwork all show casing Namibia’s natural attractions. Each room is different and there are three junior suites and four premier suites, the premier suites each have a private deck and plunge pool.  This […]

Wild about wildflowers

Its always magical when the wildflowers appear after the rain. The landscape is a riot of colour and interesting shapes. Insects buzz about happily and the air is scented with perfume.  

The evolution of the safari tent…

This was how our grandparents camped in the  1950’s Ninians fathers camp was considered to be very comfortable in the 60’s and 70’s As time went on the tents got bigger with more comfortable furnishings and lights run on solar, Our guest tents today are big light and airy. I wonder what our grandparents would […]

A day on safari

Most days on safari start at dawn. You wake to  the gently splish splosh of hot water being poured into the canvas bucket outside you tent and a quiet “hodi” as a tray of hot coffee and freshly baked cookies are placed on your veranda. As you head out to explore,  the sun creeps lazily […]

Lionesses hunting buffalo, Zambia.

On a safari in Zambia recently, Ninian and our guests watched a pride of lionesses hunting buffalo. With dust billowing and the air filled with the sound of pounding hooves, the lionesses  drove the buffalo towards the car. and with immaculate team work brought it down only afew feet away.

Ten memorable days in Tsavo

Tsavo is one of the oldest parks in Kenya and one of the largest in the world!  The east of the park is a vast wilderness of arid bush, broken by the glimmering copper of the Galana River with its lush green banks. Black lava flows reach fingerlike off the Yatta plateau.  Cooling swamps, Mzima Springs […]