Ten memorable days in Tsavo

Tsavo is one of the oldest parks in Kenya and one of the largest in the world!  The east of the park is a vast wilderness of arid bush, broken by the glimmering copper of the Galana River with its lush green banks. Black lava flows reach fingerlike off the Yatta plateau.  Cooling swamps, Mzima Springs and the still waters of Lake Jipe interrupt the silvery grasslands in the west.   The game here can be incredible, we saw leopard, rhino, lion, hippo, enormous crocodiles, elephants stained red by the soil, klipspringers, plains game and a myriad of birds. A  favorite of Denis Finch Hatton and Bror Blixen, a safari here is not for everyone. The wilderness is vast and it takes great patience and many hours of searching to find all these wonderful creatures.

Have a look at more photographs from this safari.

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