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“Bahati” the lucky Eland

Meet Bahati (swahili for Lucky) a young Eland who was rescued by rangers in the Mara Conservancy. Bahati now lives with the rangers and is clearly very curious about the contents of Ninian’s car!eland is the world’s biggest antelope, tawny-colored with twisted horns they become gray or bluish-gray as they get older with some of […]

Solar Eclipse

Just after 8 am on January 15th the skies suddenly darkened and the birds began to sing as the annular eclipse of the sun took place. We very lucky  as the thick bank of cloud hat had been hanging over Nairobi cleared just long enough to give us the most incredible view through our very […]

Blue skies and golden grass

The Mara is best known for it wildlife, but its more than that. Its about sunlight and shadow, rich contrast, endless blue skies, seas of golden grass studded with statuesque trees. The grass in the Mara is like an ocean.  Evelyn Ames wrote in a Glimpse of Eden “…like the wild oats on California hills […]

First thoughts

Welcome to our new blog. We hope to use this space to keep you updated on our safari news…it might just be Ninian’s latest picture that we share, a recipe, news from a guest  or a story from are recent safari. Whatever it is we hope it will tantalise you! Check in often and send […]