All posts for the month June, 2010

Lewa Downs

Next stop Lewa Downs Conservancy to stay at Lewa Wilderness. The wildlife on the conservancy is spectacular, there are over 70 species of mammal living here and over 400 birds species. The conservancy is also home  to the Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary run by Anna Mertz, they protect a growing black and white rhino population.

Shaba & Buffalo Springs

Northern Kenya is a wild and magical place, with dramatic landscapes. We often camp in Shaba on a lovely spring called Funan or Buffalo Springs. On this safari Ninian and our guests were staying at Joys Camp. The Uaso Nyiro River is the main source of water for wildlife in the area and provides some […]

Striped Hyena in Shaba

Ninian has just spent three nights in Shaba at Joys camp with our guests. A highlight of their stay were these  striped hyenas. Nocturnal omnivores,  the striped Hyena is a rare sight on safari and its considered a special treat to see one, but two is very special indeed.