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Hungry Mara Crocodiles 2013

The start of the migration and  the crocodiles were hungry

Zambia – Sausage Tree Camp August 2013

Jamey, Amelia and I  spent 3 amazing days in the Lower Zambezi National Park before heading off to join Ninian in Zimbabwe. We stayed at Sausage Tree Camp where we were thoroughly spoiled by Nicci and her team. Endless hours were spent floating on the Zambezi trying for Tigers. Our guide Ali’s patience and great […]

A collection of my favourite Lowis & Leakey e-postcards – 2012


Nambia part II – Serra Cafema

Leaving behind the red dunes of Sossulveli we flew north along the Skeleton coast. This was a fabulous flight that took us over a sea of dunes – reminiscent of dollops of whipped cream formed into beautiful soft peaks. It was fascinating to see the remains of old diamond camps swallowed by the dunes and […]