A day on safari

Most days on safari start at dawn.

You wake to  the gently splish splosh of hot water being poured into the canvas bucket outside you tent and a quiet “hodi” as a tray of hot coffee and freshly baked cookies are placed on your veranda.

As you head out to explore,  the sun creeps lazily over the horizon and golden light floods the savanna.

Steam gently rises off the rivers, predators warm themselves in the sun

Back in camp our crew are preparing a breakfast feast of porridge and fruit, muffins and eggs to order.

Sometimes we take breakfast out with us.

And then we fill our day with fun.

We’ll have lunch and a siesta back in camp or under a gorgeous tree.

In the early evening we’ll head out again looking for game,

or maybe letting off steam on a field filled with tommies.

As it gets dark we head for home.

After hot showers, we’ll gather around the campfire to catch up on the days events.

A candle lit dinner in the mess, lions roaring in the back ground.

and then to bed!

All images copyright Lowis & Leakey with thanks to Ninian Lowis, Dave Simpson, Ethan Kinsey, Lara Lowis and Tony Binks

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