Just a note

“We are finally home from all our travels. It is hard to express our feelings about our trip with you all. It truly was a highlight of our trips anywhere.

I would like to point out some special special things, but as I think about them, they are too numerous for this note. Suffice it to say that from the first moment, our experiences exceeded all expectations—animals(from elephants to cheetahs, lions, gazelles, topis, I could go on and on), scenery(oh, beautiful Kenya, the expanses of the plains, the sunlight, the grasses, flowers, mountains, rolling hills), food(what can I say, we all put on weight!!), the camp experience(hot water in the morning and for showers!!!) but most of all our experiences with you all, your children, and guides Elijah(a godsend for kids), Jackson(I wouldn’t have made it out of the lava caves without him, believe me), and all the rest of the guides too. And Kip—a man of patience and integrity. We are so lucky to have met him and had him with us also. The Masai are wonderful people in every sense of the word.

And Ninian: what can I say. We were so fortunate to have him with us. The word guide does not even begin to describe him. His knowledge of animals, plants, you name it, added a dimension to our trip that I know we would not have had with any other person. And above all his temperment with our group—well, let’s just say he is blessed with lots of patience; but most of all his enthusiasm was so contagious. We are very lucky to have benefitted from his experience and love of Kenya.

Again, I would like to say how great it was to have met your beautiful children also–it added so much, and I know the children loved having Amelia along. Jamey seems to be growing up as fearless as his father—you saw him run with Ninian after that Python!

And a very special thanks to Lara.  Everything was taken care for us beyond any expectations we might have had. I know without you none of this would have run as smoothly and efficiently as it did. We are ever grateful.

We count you all among our friends now. How lucky we are.

With much affection.”


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